Quality websites do not need to be big or complicated

What I do

I take websites from concept to completion.

From scratch, fully custom builds, and de-bugging code all the way down to simple theme or template implementation.

HTML5, CSS, and JS combined into a lightweight, validated, package. PHP and MySQL for integration into all major content management systems.

  • 95%


  • 85%

    CSS2 & CSS3

  • 65%

    JS & jQuery

  • 65%

    PHP & MySQL

  • 90%

    Cross Browser • De-Bugging

  • 70%

    Project Management

Agile Manifesto

Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools
Working software over Comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation
Responding to change over Following a plan

There is value in the items on the right, but I value the items on the left more.

Simple is easy

Design that's hip with the kids

Look and feel is tailored to you.

Fully Responsive

Mobile friendly websites that display well in any browser and device combination.

Top Notch Code

All code is complied and then validated (via third party validation services) to ensure quality code.

Fast Delivery

Building a website to the necessities saves cost but also shortens deployment time.

Passion Driven

Your business is your passion. Building quality digital assets to represent you is my passion.

Conversion Friendly

The true value of a website must be measured in dollars in the door; not time on site, views, visits or social shares.

Samples of my work

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  • Less is more.

    People Skim • they do not read
  • Attention to detail differentiates

    But big ideas • stand out
  • Who, What, Where, How

    Most importantly • Why?

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